About Us

Something About Us

Shree Sulphamic Chemicals is a family owned business group which is two decades old. Founded in June of 1998 based in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India. SSC was a pioneer in manufacturing Sulphamic Acid. SSC have a strong foothold in Indian market and expanding in International market.

Our Mission

We produce Sulphamic Acid to satisfy our world-wide customers. We respect the trust of our customers and strive to serve them with the changing needs.

Customers are not the one from which we drench money, but he is the partner with whom we mutually grow wealth. Shree Sulphamic Chemicals just don’t sale product but we develop relationship.

Sulphamic Acid

Are solid formulation that is water-soluble, non-volatile, non-toxic, non hazardous during storage and handling, chemically stable and does not gives of obnoxious fumes. It possesses a scale solubilising capacity with added corrosion inhibitors which give maximum protection to metal of boiler / equipment being cleaned. it is ideally suited for removal of scales from boilers, cooling towers, coils, heat exchangers, condensers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems. It increases the efficiency of working of a plant and equipmentby removing industrial scale. We are best manufacturer and supplier in India. Also available self indicating grade is available which could change color to show that efficacy of material is finished.

Applications of Sulphamic Acid:

  • Used as an immersion liquid.
  • Used as filling with a descalant solution.
  • Used through circulation for consistent concentration though the closed circuit.
  • Used in cold as well as with temperature ranging from 40º to 60ºC.